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Chen Ching-yi playing Guqin at Taiwan


Chen Ching-yi playing Guzheng at Belin

Chen Ching Yi(helen)陈钦怡teacher


Ancestral home in Jiansu Province.Born in Kaohsiung,Taiwan.


PH.D. of Chinese traditional music theory The Department of Musicology, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, in Shanghai(learn from Professor Jiang Ming Dun)

M.A. of Chinese folk song The Department of Musicology, Conservatory of Chinese Music, in Beijing (learn from Prefessor Gen Sheng Lian)

B.A.of Chinese traditional instrument performer(Qin and Zheng)The Department of Chinese Music, National Taiwan Academy of Arts,in Taiwan)

The origin and close connection of learning guqin

Learn Guqin fromProfessor 王海燕Wang Hai Yan(Mei An Qin School 吴宗汉Mr.Wu Zong Hai's first student atTaiwan)at National Taiwan Academy of Arts

Learn Guqin and Chinese Painting,Chinese Calligraphy FromMr.Rong Tian Qi 容天圻 Mr.HU Ying Tang's 胡莹堂 student)

Learn Guqin history From Xu Jian 许健(北京艺术研究院音研所)

Learn Piano from Professor商澄宋 Shan chen song.( Central Conservatory of Music)

Learn Guqin song 渔樵问答 from M r.Li Xiang Ting李祥霆 ( Central Conservatory of Music)

Learning Guqin from Mr. Gong Yi (龚一).(Shanghai Conservatory of Music)

Learning Guqin song flowing water 流水from Mr. Ling You Ren(林友仁).(Shanghai Conservatory of Music)

The origin and close connection of learning guzheng

Learn Chinese traditional guzheng from Mr.Wang Ruei Yu王瑞裕


Performance Experience

Perform around Europe ,U.S.A,Taiwan.



1998 Master dissertation:Tianyang Folk Songs Documentary Collected in anhui Prvince《安徽省田秧歌采风记实》(1998 年硕士论文,尚未出版)

2009 Doctoral dissertation:Studies on Wang yanqing's guqin music   《王燕卿古琴音乐研究》( 2009 年博士论文)

Art of Wang yanqing's guqin music   《王燕卿古琴音乐艺术》( 2012 年10月)


Yilanqinpu (P)&(C) 2009 YI LAN QIN ZHAI


Yilanqinyun (P)&(C)2010 YI LAN QIN ZHAI


Guqin and the Heart《琴与心》(Published in Chinese music in 1997,No.2《中国音乐》 1997 年第 2 期)

Men Lead Bitter Lives,women Lead Even more bitter Lives-(Yi Country in Anhui Province)TianyangFolk Songs Documentary Collecting Tour《男人苦女人更苦——安徽「黟县」田秧歌?风行》(Published in China Times Taiwan in 2001,june 16《中国时报》民国 90 年( 2001 年) 6 月 16 日)


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